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Thank you for taking the interest and time to visit my website. I feel great privilege to work as a Psychotherapist, and value each and every therapeutic relationship that I have. Before going into my professional history, and experience, I would like to let you know a little about me personally. I am a big animal lover and spend time with my dog and two cats – I find it very therapeutic. I am the mother of an adult son who is a lovely human being. I enjoy keeping my inner world supported with meditation and yoga.  My fascination with the mind, emotions, and life has been ever present and this is my biggest interest and hobby. Fortunate given my profession.

Professionally, I started my academic career studying Social Work. I then went on to spend 20 years enjoying a rich career in this area. I worked predominantly with families, and for the last 15 years of that I managed Fostering services. This work over 20 years gave me an absorbed and profound experience of working with the complexity of families experiencing difficult times. My experience and knowledge of abuse, trauma, attachment and loss, development, the human experience, and mental health were well developed.

I then went on to study mindfulness for 2 years. This study and practice has greatly influenced me both personally and professionally. I have continued my mindfulness practice and deepened it over the years to benefit my life and my ability to be present and grounded as a therapist. It can be of great help to the therapeutic experience to incorporate elements of building that mindful muscle if you are interested.

Mindfulness sparked my career progression to incorporate further knowledge, skills and tools to help people and that is when I chose to study Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. The efficacy, practice application and participative approach of CBT has astounded me – it works! It is a creative, collaborative and active approach which helps anchor the therapeutic experience in both past and present – working on where the challenges have derived and how they are experienced in the present. This offers great opportunity to work on ways to develop self-awareness, heal, and move forward in the direction that you want.

My approach to therapy is accumulative of my academic, professional and personal experiences over the years. I have been fortunate to work with many people whom have left a unique imprint on me, each has taught me something, and often lots. I can offer a deeply genuine space of acceptance and safety for you to work through your current experience that led you to therapy. I am adaptable and creative; whether flow or structure, or a combination. Whatever your preferred choice, we can achieve.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Roslyn Gray

BA, MSc, PG Dip Mindfulness
PG Dip CBT, 

Roslyn Gray
Roslyn Gray

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If you or a loved one are seeking support, please get in touch by completing the enquiry form, or email me at info@graystherapeutics.co.uk

I will arrange a mutually agreeable time to have an initial consultation with you, at no cost and with no pressure to commit to further sessions. 

I offer both in-person and online appointments (by phone or video).

I aim to reply to all email enquiries within 3 working days, but if you require immediate help, please contact your local NHS urgent mental health helpline here

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